Emery/Weiner School

January 5, 2011

Among many other private philanthropic causes, I am proud to support the Emery/Weiner School in Houston, Texas. This private college prep school provides middle and high school education based on solid academics and the principals of pluralistic Judaism. Pluralistic Judaism teaches that Judaism, while a source of religious views, is not the only religious truth; there is value and truth in many other religions as well. Rather than focusing on commandments, Emery/Weiner School students, parents, and teachers make 10 commitments to the school and its educational practices. For instance, students commit to honesty, respect, preparedness, communication, and non-violent dispute resolution. Parents promise to take an active role in their children’s educational processes, respecting the school’s educational choices, embracing diversity in religious observance and belief, and refraining from speaking badly of others. Teachers make commitments to compassion, creativity, availability, balance, and fairness. Along with providing an excellent education, Emery/Weiner School develops moral character, fosters personal growth, and stresses devotion to “tikkun olam,” a Hebrew phrase meaning “bettering the world.” The institution was established in 1978 as the I. Weiner Jewish Secondary School. In 2001, it began serving grades 6 through 12 and became the Emery/Weiner School. Currently, the school has 475 middle and high school students.


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